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        Talent Values: Cultivating talent is more important than introducing talents; give priority to virtues, emphasize both virtue and ability

        Talent Strategy: Human resources are the key to corporate development. A scientific and rational human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee for the company to realize their talent strategy. Since its inception, the company has been constantly establishing and improving the human resource management mechanism, and carrying out human resource related work by focusing on the selection, education, use, and retaining of talents.

        Talent Selection: Recruit excellent cross-disciplinary talents suitable for the company through multiple channels and scopes; recognize excellent “horses” in the process of horse racing.

        Talent Education: The cultivation of talents is more important than the introduction of talents; we emphasize the career development planning, and enhance the space for employees' development.

        Talent Application: We have established the employment principle of “giving priority to virtues, and emphasizing both virtue and ability”, and established the employment mechanism based on the idea that “racing horses is more important than identifying horses”.

        Talent Preservation: We advocate the corporate culture of “family culture and harmony”, and the value of “benefits and platform” for retaining people