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        Shu-shan Xuehai Zhongjue practice knowledge to Star City

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 09:08

          October 18, 2013, Mr. Tao, general manager of our skin warm reception came to Division I visited the School of Physics and Electronic Science, deputy party secretary and vice president of Changsha University of Mr. Kong Fanzhi, senior professor Mr. Chen Zhaoyong, and employment professionals dry Chen teacher. At the meeting, the two sides established practice base and campus recruitment work for a friendly communication and consultation, the two sides reached a final agreement on the following issues: Changsha Institute of Technology intends to build Changsha Division I field practice base, each batch of interns 10 people, practice time for a period of one month after the agreement is signed, our free campus recruitment will be held in Changsha.
          After the discussion, Kong Shuji, Professor Chen et visited our R & D center, quality department, production department and other departments, Professor Chen emotion, our research and development, testing and other equipment than he imagined much better, in some ways even more than in Changsha Tech better. Professor Chen said: his own arrangements to Changsha Star City students to internships, very reassuring!
          Changsha Institute of Cooperation and Exchange Division I, not only can provide more comprehensive information for our graduates to enrich our recruitment channels, meanwhile, will help improve our visibility, attract more talented people choose to go to our jobs.

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