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        Shinzoom Voices - The Second China lithium battery anode material Seminar

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 09:07

          October 17, 2013, our research and development department deputy general manager of Mr. and Mr. Lei Yuehua Huang jointly participated in the second session of the Chinese lithium battery anode materials workshop in Changsha Xin Yuan held the White Swan Hotel, Sumitomo Bakelite, Shanghai Shanshan, Morgan Hairong, Chery Automobile, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing and many other chemical companies, institutions attended the seminar. At the seminar, Mr. Huang Yuehua with special guest introduces the development status of Division I expressed the need to create standardized Changsha Star City's determination. Subsequently, Mr. Huang Yuehua and R & D Director, Mr. Shanghai Qiaoyong Min Shanshan, Chery Automobile R & D leader Mr. Zeng Shaozhong together as peers such as answering questions, on corporate R & D management and material safety performance issues such interaction.
          The second session of the Chinese lithium battery anode material seminar the first time in Star City microcrystalline graphite Ltd. Changsha sound, indicating that the results of our efforts for many years has gradually been recognized by the industry, the company's position improve, gradually improve the company's image. I believe in the company's management under the joint leadership of all employees work in unity companies must be able to "Changsha Star City," playing a more influential brand!

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