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        County clerk to come to our company to visit

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 09:06

          November 29, 2013 early, the county party secretary Mr. Li Chunqiu, Golden Gate Park, Mr. Liu Yonghong party secretary and other leaders to come to visit our company, Mr. Tao, general manager of the skin warm reception. Li Shuji and his entourage first visited our product research and development center, a detailed understanding of the various principles and functions of equipment, and asked our R & D Status and major technical achievements of our R & D capabilities and technical level given highly. Subsequently, the leaders came to the company Quality Department, after listening to the results reported in the quality of our management made after the leaders of our achievements congratulated encourage companies redouble their efforts to achieve greater breakthroughs in quality management .
          Finally, the leaders visited the crushing plant and kiln workshop production department, and Mr. Tao leather details with the leaders of the company in recent years, production and management, analysis of the new energy, new materials, trends, describes the company's future goals and direction of struggle. Li Shuji fully affirmed the status of our rapid growth and good momentum of development, praised the management of our practical work hard working style, dare dare enterprising spirit, encouraging companies to seize opportunities for development, solid foundation, increase Technology investment to accelerate the pace of development, an early founder of the Star City graphite into the domestic first-class, internationally renowned business!
          The government's concern and encouragement, under the management and all the Star City pragmatic dare to forge unity of people, who will create a vibrant Star City Star City peerless elegance graphite!

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