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        Our company participated in occupational health and safety training

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 09:05

          December 12, 2013 -15 days, occupational health and safety training topics Ningxiang trade enterprises in Ningxiang County held by the training Ningxiang safe production associations from more than 70 industry and trade Ningxiang enterprises and the security officer responsible for about 140 people attended the training. Division I send representatives to attend the training. The main purpose of occupational health and safety training is to strengthen the industry and trade enterprises of production safety and reduce accidents, improve the capacity and level of occupational health management, and effectively protect the safety and health of workers, in order to establish a sound corporate health and safety of self-restraint mechanism.
          Organizers invited experts for occupational safety and health were explained: the production process by analyzing the causes of accidents and safety production management methods, prompting the main responsibility for the implementation of safe production of the employer; laws and regulations from occupational health, occupational diseases control programs, procedures, occupational hazards emergency rescue measures, monitoring of occupational hazards, occupational health archives to explore other aspects of the development, enhance their awareness of occupational hazards prevention.
          After the training, Changsha City innings for the training of representatives of all the students were a closed book exam, and one month after passing the examination participants were awarded a certificate of achievement.
          Our representatives are active and serious learning through classroom passed the exam, and classroom learning guide for the actual work, and strive to make the company's safety and occupational health standards to a new level.

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