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        Star City Star bright Vientiane

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          FengWu Prime, Qi painted ambitious future; Jinma Pentium, and work more scale new heights! Looking back, all the way through the clutter we look to the future, to the old map new Vientiane update!
          January 26, 2014, Changsha Star City microcrystalline graphite, Ltd. "2013 Year in recognition of cum 2014 New Year Party" was held. Staff directors, leather Tao, general manager, deputy general manager of The subscription Huang Yuehua, who Foothills chairman, deep venture capital managers and other portable Nan companies attended the event, employees and invited guests, a total of more than 150 people together poly one, grand celebration!
          A Spirit in, opened the annual meeting inspire exciting prelude to the full expression of the drums between Star City man's struggle and passion.
          First, the general manager of the skin Tao summary of the work done in 2013 and an important speech in 2014 deployment planning, noting that 2014 is a key year for Star City's development and opportunities, the Star City who want to seize the new opportunities, meet challenges, innovation development, determination, strive to create more confidence in the company situation, then 2013 outstanding Awards announced collective and outstanding individuals, general manager and company executives were collective and individual award certificates and prizes in recognition of their development of the company in 2013 contribution. Li Jianzhong, chairman of the company on behalf of major shareholder Beijing when l Material Technology Co., Ltd. in the video mode to Star City brought the ardent wishes.
          Then employees have to develop their potentials, all departments art show will be the annual meeting to a climax. Cheerful festive, passionate songs, beautiful and lively, passionate dance, humor, constantly exciting scenes drama, dedicated to all the guests on a visual feast, warm atmosphere, applause, cheers continued, innovative programs, superb performances spirited interpretation of the Star City man passion, hard work ahead of the new style. Also raffle and interactive sessions are particularly exciting, lucrative bonuses and gifts, the good luck and blessings to everyone hands.
          2014 will be an extraordinary year, leap year, Star City, who will be the new style, a new journey! 2014 we are full of enthusiasm and tenacity, with the truth and sweat, with passion and dreams, writing a new chapter, spanning off!

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