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        Celebrate Star City, Hunan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded graphite successful conference!

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          March 11, 2014, Hunan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded graphite Star City Conference was held in the company on the first floor multi-purpose conference room, all the shareholders of the Company, the relevant directors, supervisors, executives, and organizers responsible for restructuring the company listed brokerage, special counsel and other guests attended the meeting.
          Conference focused on restructuring the company listed on the motion for consideration of the relevant total 23, by unanimous vote of all shareholders vote. The voting shares of the company by the rules and regulations "Articles of Association" and other important corporate governance, while the establishment of the company's new board of directors and board of supervisors.
          When l technology director, general manager Li Jianzhong was elected as the new chairman of Star City Board of graphite, Foothills company shareholders had elected the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board to the shareholders skin Tao served as director, general manager.
          Change of business restructuring of the company's new three board are in full swing then, Hunan Star City Graphite Technology Co., Ltd. will be the new name and image appeared in the lithium battery materials industry. "Star City graphite", meaning the company as the industry a shining star rising, and absorb Changsha "Star City" Aura, open up the capital market in 2014, the company quickly set a solid foundation for bigger and stronger, I believe Star City graphite tomorrow will be more bright!

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