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        Poetry Amidst Guilin, Yangshuo - remember Star City graphite "Yangshuo joy OK"

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 09:10

          In order to enrich their lives and enhance their sense of belonging, enhance the company's cohesion and combat effectiveness, Gold May, the company organized a total of ninety employees and their family members who went on May 16 known as "landscape under heaven" in Guilin , began a three-day pleasure trip.
          We avoid the busy and noisy, join nature, to find that a quiet and serene.
          "Semiotic", the first stop in Guilin, Lijiang exposure, view Qifengyishi enjoy the clear water and mountains, enjoy the "man in the middle picture," the wonderful feeling; stroll Totem Trail, feel caldron skin cultural charm, taste the matriarchal society of the other kind of life; swing up on the Yulong River raft, cheerful folk to sing together, lively Shuizhang fight, the air was filled joy prolonged without a break.
          "Yangshuo Guilin", came to Yangshuo, watch the big banyan millennium, when the Third Sister Liu and bull brother looking for romance; into the Butterfly Spring, we were deeply impressed by Mother Nature. In the national characteristics and exotic perfect blending of "the West", we pass through the thick crowd their efforts, the process to experience something truly natural "sauna", Zaixun corner, called the cup of coffee or wine, fine chemicals share "happy like gods" comfortable.
          Rain started falling Lijiang, Guilin Amidst the misty, picturesque Yangshuo, give us this trip left a beautiful and profound impression. We play in a relaxed mood, but also deepen the friendship between colleagues. Three days of short trips fleeting, then we will be more enthusiasm to work and live!

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