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        Lake material to our faculty and students to visit and study

        Number of visits: Date:2014-8-6 14:00

          July 24, 2014 afternoon, Materials Engineering, Hunan University 2012 students in instructor led down Hairong Liu our study tour.
          The study points to visit the forum and site visits in two parts. At the forum, our administrative personnel director Ouyang Wen Ye on the company's development process, organizational structure, product structure and the company's achievements, such as personnel strength for a detailed description, so that teachers and students to visit our basic situation of a certain understanding .
          Subsequently, the teachers were divided into three batches, respectively, visited the company's research and development department, quality department and production lines. To facilitate the visit and study, the company specially arranged in each relevant department heads to the scene of an important part of teachers and students to explain in detail and answering questions, the students expressed a strong desire to learn and curiosity, live discussions very enthusiastic.
          Our comprehensive strength and the overall image of teachers and students to visit left a deep impression, the instructor said he hopes to establish long-term cooperative relationship with my production company internship.
          The study tour, visiting a total of 45 passengers and students as much as our first large-scale reception between similar activities will be launched late and universities. This activity strengthened cooperation between the Division I and universities to improve our visibility, through a study tour in the future, there will be more young talented people to join our company, create our brilliant!

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