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Interview Guidance

Interview Guidance

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Interview Time: 9:00-11:00 am, 14:00-16:30 pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays); welcome to join us and come for the interview


Materials Needed For an Interview: Original ID card, diplomas, academic degree certificates, certificate of professional titles, post operating permit, or other work-related qualification certificates and one copy for each of the originals.


How to Reach us: 

From Changsha:

Route One: Please take Ningxiang Bus at the West Station at Changsha Bus Station, and get off at Xingbang Heavy Industry; after getting off the bus, turn right at the first crossroad, and go straight for 800 meters.

Route two: Please take Quantang Bus at the West Station at Changsha Bus Station to reach our company directly.

From Ningxiang: 

Please take Bus No.99 and get off at Gongyou Supermarket or the gate of our company at Longqiao resettlement area.

You may also take bus No. 15 and get off at Zuxing; then go straight for 500 meters after getting off.

Interview Process:

First, candidates fill out their resumes, and submit personal information; Second, the human resources department will carry out the preliminary test; Third, the employing department will conduct the retest; Fourth, the human resources department carries out the interviews; Last, after the interview, the candidates will wait for notifications (the waiting time is less than one week)

HR Department Tel: 86-731-87982656   Contact: Miss Li

Resume Email: xchr@shinzoom.com

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