About Us

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        Business philosophy
        Conscientious, Dedicated, Innovative, Seeking differences
        Be conscientious in doing things, dedicated in fulfilling targets, innovative in products development and seek    differences in technology
        Product concept
        Innovation, Differentiation, High cost-effectiveness
        Regard innovation as the root, insist on differential advantages, and provide the best cost-effective products for advanced customers at home and abroad.
        Marketing concept
        Converge core values, Create market demand, Lead the future.
        Customer tenet
        Strong-strong alliance, Win-win cooperation, To create maximum value  for customers.
        Strategic plan
        Accumulate richly and break forth vastly; Pursue excellence, Be a leader in the powered battery cathode materials industry.
        Guidelines for action
        Attitude is everything。
        Fast fish eats slow ones。
        Success depends on details.
        Vision and goal
        To be a respectable enterprise:
        Employees are proud of working at Xingcheng;
        Customers are proud of cooperating with Xingcheng;
        Shareholders are proud of investing in Xingcheng.
        Talent values
        Give priority to virtues, emphasize both virtue and ability;
        The cultivation of talents is more important than the introduction of talents